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What is site clearing in construction?

site clearing in construction

What is site clearing in construction? It is the process of clearing a site to make way for new construction. There are many reasons for clearing a site before new construction can take place.

Sometimes, the reason is to clear the site for improvements needed by the public, such as a road or sewer system.

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Other times, clearing a site is due to the contractor renovating the site, changing the plans for building, etc. Contractors sometimes move large equipment or large amounts of material from one area of their worksite to another.

This may have to do with the budget, or it could be part of the plan to improve the site for their work. Other times, workers will need to leave the site for personal reasons such as illness or safety issues.

When this happens, there may be some contamination on the property and it will need to be cleaned up before the workers return.

What is site clearing in construction? The first step is to remove all debris from the area prior to construction. This includes everything from broken sidewalks or walkways, to piles of debris left from construction equipment such as cranes or truck mounted cranes.

It also includes any trash that has been placed on or around the property. This debris needs to be taken away from the site where it belongs before it starts anything else.

The second step is cleaning up any mess that is caused by the debris removed. This may mean using a pressure washer or power washer to get the mess off.

It could also mean just cleaning it up so that it does not present a safety hazard for anyone working nearby. Debris needs to be moved as soon as possible to avoid it cause an accident.

The third step is often the most difficult. Once the site is clear of debris, it is time to move workers into the area.

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This means building a temporary work space and making sure that all workers have parking lots and a designated route to their home when they are not on the job.

What is site clearing in construction? It is the art and process of moving materials from one area of a construction site to another. If you plan on staying on site for an extended period of time, this process is especially important.

It allows construction workers to complete the entire job faster and with less physical stress. Contact Eden Site Development for more information.

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