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Top 6 Reasons Why Couples Gain Weight After Marriage

Couples Gain Weight After Marriage

Being married is one of the best things that can happen to couples, as they are in love and take the next step towards their relationship, which is marriage! You get to celebrate the love you have with the people that matter most to you, and you’ll be able to commit to your partner for life. It’s a high status to enjoy.

BUT, it can come with a price! Many couples have gained weight after marriage, having a hard time to keep those dreaded pounds off. In the article, we show you the top 6 reasons why couples gain weight after marriage! 

Why Couples Gain Weight After Marriage 

Curious as to why married couples start to pile on the pounds? Here are the top 6 reasons why couples gain weight after marriage: 


That goes for many women who go through extreme weight gain when carrying a child. That may be due to overeating and also because of the baby you are carrying. Men can also gain weight while their wives are pregnant due to the stress it may cause them, or because they happen to see their wives eating delicious food, they want to eat as well. 


After fighting, many married couples get stressed. And where do they go after fighting? Either to the bar, the kitchen, or to the nearest fast food restaurant to eat their feelings away. It’s a bad habit to follow, but sometimes, when the fights get too intense, food is there to help with the frustration, even if it may be fattening. 


Many couples love doing things together, and they always want to please each other as well. That means that either the man or woman of the house will make the best meals for their partner to impress or keep the marriage alive, no matter how fattening the meal maybe!  


As time passes by, you start to feel comfortable with your partner, not caring at all about anything else but love, work, and your family. You won’t even notice the pounds piling up until your next doctor’s appointment! 

Waste of Food 

Many couples who now have families will often see the “logical” side of things, and one thing is never to waste food. This usually ends up with partners picking at their leftovers, even if they’re full or the diet may be high in calories. That is especially true for those who already have children who leave their food after taking just a few bites. 


Raising a family can be tough, especially when it comes to finances. If you’re raising children, there are many investments to be made, and sacrifices will be made. This can include not only money for gym memberships but the time you have for working out! Families may also choose to have taken out due to a lack of time or money for healthier options. 

In Conclusion 

While being married is the best thing that can happen to a committed couple, the weight gain is something that can be irritating. Fortunately, it can be stopped. Now that you know the top 6 reasons why couples gain weight after marriage, you can now prevent it!

If you already feel the signs of weight gain, the website has many articles regarding healthy weight loss and becoming a fit and more youthful you for couples! Enjoy the married life while still having the body you love with us.

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