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The Effects of Facebook on Your Health: Good or Bad?

Effects of Facebook on Your Health

The Internet has provided many uses and advantages one can reap. Not only will you be able to find information and useful tips for you, but you are also introduced to a whole new world of communication. You are now able to interact with people around the globe, just with a click of the button.

So long as you have the Internet connection, the whole world is literally in your hands, with you socializing and posting status updates about you or your loved ones. Thanks to social media, you can now do everything and talk with everyone in real-time.

Facebook is one of the most famous social media networking sites out there that everyone loves. But what are the effects of Facebook on your health? Is it good or bad? 

The Effects of Facebook on Your Health

What is Facebook? 

Facebook is an online platform that helps you connect with family and friends around the world. You are also introduced to a network or different groups of people that share the same interests as you. You can host events, play games, and even post status updates and photos to let your loved ones know where you are or how you’re doing.

Everyone can use it! It’s a great website that’s available on your smartphone or PC, which makes it accessible for everyone around the world, so long as they have an Internet connection. 

While Facebook is a way to communicate with people around the world, it does have its pros and cons, especially for what it does to your health!

Here are the positive things Facebook does for your health:

1. Your socialization skills will improve as you are chatting with other people. 

2. Your confidence may rise as you post updates and receive likes and comments. 

3. It’s a good stress reliever when playing Facebook games or chatting with people. 

But here are the effects of Facebook that may affect your health in a bad way: 

1. Because it’s very addicting, it causes people to sleep late. Not only will they be groggy the next day, but they lose focus as well due to lack of sleep. 

2. Many people lose concentration as they are focusing on Facebook rather than on the task at hand. 

3. It can also cause their confidence levels to lower as they scroll through their timeline, looking at pictures of places they want to be, or bodies they want but don’t have. 

4. Since you are chatting with people behind a PC or smartphone, you aren’t able to enhance your communication skills or be able to talk face-to-face properly. 

So you can say that the bad outweighs the good. BUT, that doesn’t mean Facebook is entirely bad for your health. What you need to do is to use it in moderation rather than 24/7.  


Using Facebook has many benefits, but it can also affect your health in a bad way if you become too addicted and use Facebook too much. That is why it’s best to keep your social media time-limited to reap its advantages but to avoid becoming addicted to it.

Avoid using it while working to focus more on your daily goals, and lessen the Facebook usage at night to sleep earlier and become the healthier you. Do you like articles like these?

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