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How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair?

get rid of greasy hair

Having greasy hair is a cyclical task: You wash your hair commonly to maintain it looking fresh and tidy, yet overwashing may generate more oil. Frustrating as this could be, we come bearing alleviation.

You can train your hair to be less greasy. Exactly how? It’s all about spacing out your cleans.

Along with helpful guidance from hair pros, we’ve created a general overview for how to stretch the time between hair cleans and, consequently, train your hair to be much less greasy.

Each hair type and appearance has various requirements and requires different therapy, yet these tips will get you began as well as on the right track. Sure, the very first couple of weeks of your new hair-training regimen could be challenging.

Specifically considering that the oiliness will not halt right away– however, we assure you’ll agree it was all worth it as soon as you begin seeing outcomes.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

Use Shampoo Daily

It’s feasible that your health routines are to blame. Shampooing too little and even frequently can add to greasy hair. Generally, if you have greasy hair, you must shampoo daily. Check the recommended best shampoo for greasy hair.

Washing greater than once a day can create your glands to overreact and create more oil to offset the additional shampooing. If you’re somebody who couldn’t fathom going a solitary day without washing your hair since your hairs build up way too much oil, battle the urge and also avoid your daily hair wash.

It may seem counterproductive, but the less you wash your hair, the far better off it’ll be. You’ll additionally intend to pick a shampoo that’s created oily hair. These items are created to clean the scalp as well as hair without adding additional moisture.

Be Gentle When Choose Hair Product

When shampooing, concentrate on rubbing the scalp– but not too difficult. Scrub reasonably, sufficient to rub in the soap, however not so difficult that you’re irritating your scalp.

The inflammation can overstimulate your glands and create them to make more sebum. Wash extensively before leaving the shower. The remaining shampoo or conditioner can produce a film on your hair, making it feel greasy.

Use Conditioner Carefully

Conditioner aids add wetness back right into your hair and keep it from getting twisted. Your ends may require a little extra love, yet your scalp doesn’t need assistance getting greasy.

Don’t apply the conditioner to your scalp; massage it into your ends instead.

Go Dry

If you’re looking to acquire a little additional time in-between cleans, dry shampoo or oil-absorbing powder may aid. These products are made to soak up added oils, mask any scent, and include extra quantity.


With time; some items can trigger a layer to stay on your hair, even if you have cleaned it. This may be adding to your hair feeling greasy.

A clearing-up shampoo is made to eliminate any build-up or movie from your hair. This product must be utilized one or two times a month to get rid of deposits from styling products or various other hair shampoos and conditioners.


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