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How Do You Say Goat In Spanish?

How Do You Say Goat In Spanish

The word for goat in Spanish is “cabra”.

Goat in Spanish is “cabra”. Cabra comes from the Latin word “capra”, which also means goat. Interestingly, the word “caprice” comes from the same root – it originally meant a wild goat or billy goat.

How Do You Say Sheep in Spanish

If you’re looking to learn how to say “sheep” in Spanish, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of the word “sheep” in Spanish, along with some useful example sentences. The word for “sheep” in Spanish is actually quite similar to the English word – it’s just pronounced slightly differently.

The Spanish word for sheep is “oveja”. To hear how this word is pronounced, click here. Now that you know how to say “sheep” in Spanish, let’s take a look at some example sentences using this new vocabulary words.

Here are a few examples: -Hay muchas ovejas en el campo. (There are many sheep in the field.)

-Me gustan los corderos asados. (I like roasted lamb.) -Los niños están jugando alrededor de la oveja negra.

How Do You Say Goat In Spanish?


What is the Spanish Word for “Goat”

The Spanish word for “goat” is “cabra”.

Cabra: How To Say / Pronounce Cabra – Goat In Spanish | Spanish Says


In Spanish, the word for goat is “cabra”.

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