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How Do You Say Friend In Spanish?

How Do You Say Friend In Spanish

The word for friend in Spanish is amigo.

When it comes to learning a new language, there are a few key phrases that are essential to know. One of those is “How do you say ‘friend’ in Spanish?”. While the word for “friend” in Spanish can vary depending on the region, the most common word is amigo.

This word is used in many different Spanish-speaking countries and is understood by most speakers. If you’re looking to be more specific, you could use the word compañero de clase (classmate), colega (colleague), or even hermano/hermana (brother/sister). But for general purposes, amigo will suffice.

So next time you’re trying to make friends in a Spanish-speaking country, don’t forget to introduce yourself as an amigo!

How Do You Say My Friend in Spanish

My Friend in Spanish How do you say “my friend” in Spanish? The answer may depend on whether you are referring to a male or female friend.

For a male friend, the word amigo is used. This word has both a masculine and feminine form, so it can also be used for a female friend. Amigo comes from the Latin word amicus, meaning “friend.”

If you want to be more specific and say “male friend,” the word compañero can be used. This word comes from the Latin com-panis and means “bread fellow” or “one with whom bread is shared.” In other words, this is someone with whom you have a close relationship.

For a female friend, there are two options. The first is amiga, which as mentioned above is the feminine form of amigo. The second option is compañera, which is the feminine form of compañero.

How Do You Say Friend In Spanish?


-What is the Spanish Word for Friend

How to say Friend in Spanish


In Spanish, the word for “friend” is amigo.

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