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How Do You Say Chips In Spanish?

How Do You Say Chips In Spanish

Chips in Spanish are called papas fritas. They are usually made from potatoes, but can also be made from other vegetables such as yuca, plantain, and even carrots.

If you’re ever in Spain and want to order a bag of chips, you might be wondering how to say “chips” in Spanish. The word for “chips” is actually “patatas fritas,” which means “fried potatoes.” So next time you’re at a Spanish restaurant, be sure to ask for a side of patatas fritas with your meal!

How to say Chips in Spanish

How to Say Tortilla Chips in Spanish

If you love tortilla chips, then you’ll want to know how to say them in Spanish. Here’s a quick guide on how to say tortilla chips in Spanish. Tortilla chips are called “totopos” in Spanish.

They’re usually made from corn tortillas that are fried or baked. And they make a great snack! When ordering tortilla chips at a restaurant, you can ask for “una ración de totopos” (a portion of tortilla chips).

If you’re at a party or gathering, you can say “¿Hay totopos?” (Are there any tortilla chips?). To make your own tortilla chips at home, start by heating up some oil in a frying pan. Then, cut some corn tortillas into small pieces and add them to the hot oil.

Fry until they’re golden brown and crispy. Drain on paper towels and enjoy!

How Do You Say Chips In Spanish?


How Do You Say “Chips” in Spanish

There are a few different ways to say “chips” in Spanish. One way is to say “papas fritas.” This literally means “fried potatoes.”

Another way to say it is “patatas fritas,” which also means “fried potatoes.” yet another way to say it is “french fries.” When ordering chips at a restaurant in Spain, you might hear the waiter say “patatas bravas,” which are a type of fried potato that is commonly served as a tapa (appetizer).


In Spanish, the word for “chips” is “papas fritas.” This word is derived from the Latin word “patatas,” which means “potatoes.”

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