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Top 10 Common Computer Mistakes And Solutions

Common Computer Mistakes And Solutions

The PC (or personal computer) is one of the original and popular forms of technology that everyone still uses up to this day. With added features and specs put into it for the new generation, it makes things more comfortable with better productivity and lifestyle.

There are still people who aren’t as tech-savvy, and because of that, they make common computer mistakes! In this article, we show you the common computer mistakes people do when using their PC.

Common Computer Mistakes

While these common computer mistakes aren’t severe, they do hinder your usage of it. Here are the following standard computers mistakes people do from time to time:

Switching your PC off from the CPU

Some people either unplug the CPU or press the power button to turn the whole PC off. Don’t do that! Properly shut it down through the taskbar to save your files and avoid it from being corrupted.

Unplugging your USB

Unplugging your USB without safely removing it may end up with you corrupting your files. Make sure that you carefully remove it through the taskbar.

Leaving your trash

Your deleted files end up being in the trash folder, where you can either recover these deleted files or have it permanently deleted. Some people forget it and leave it piling up, wasting storage! Check your Trash folder and delete the useless files.

Installing the wrong software

Depending on the PC you use, the software you will download will depend on its operating system and specs. Most people end up accidentally using Mac software for Windows and the other way around! It’s a waste of time, so make sure to read what you’re installing before doing so.

Overusing the PC

Just like people, PCs need to have time to rest. That way, it will have a longer lifetime and will be able to have excellent performance still. Make sure that your eyes and your PC are correctly shut down and get an adequate amount of rest to avoid it from overheating and breaking.

Installing too many apps

Sometimes, people can go crazy with widgets and apps that can be installed on the PC. While these apps claim to improve productivity, it may end up being a waste of space, slowing down your PC’s performance. Only install what you need.

Not updating your PC

Your PC operating system will usually have updates. Choosing to postpone them will slow down your PC’s performance, so make sure you keep it updated for any bug fixes or added features!


Some people tend to customize or modify their PCs to the extreme, while some don’t change anything at all. Too much or too little of it will end up with your PC lacking in performance. Know your PCs limits but still, use it to its maximum ability!

Type of PC

A common mistake is choosing the wrong PC. Measure what you want based on the specs and operating system you need, as well as why you need it and your budget. Mac may be better than Windows for you and vice versa!

Spending too much

Another common mistake is that people end up purchasing a costly PC with added equipment and gadgets they don’t need! Find out the things you need before wasting your money on equipment you won’t be using instead. You’ll save a lot of time and money.


These common computer mistakes will have you know what NOT to do. That way, you’ll be able to use your PC correctly and fully utilize it to its maximum ability. You will be more productive, and therefore, make the PC a significant investment either for business or pleasure. What are you waiting for? Start checking your PC to see if you’ve made any of these typical computer mistakes!

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