5 Things To Consider When T-shirt Printing For Your Customer

T shirt Printing Singapore

The process of screen-printing shirts has indeed come a long way. As opposed to just picking a central picture for your t-shirt, you can make use of a selection of images or patterns when making use of a ubiquitous printing layout.

There are several possibilities readily available to you when publishing your next all-over tee shirt, yet there are some things to bear in mind when you’re designing and also getting your t-shirt.

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Pick Cotton

You may have had a new kind of fabric in mind, however when it concerns all-over tee printing, 100% cotton is mosting likely to make sure that your design, as well as shades, look the greatest they can.

Cotton enables more options as to where your design can be printed. The awesome thing about ubiquitous tee shirt printing is the reality that the layout can be published all the way approximately the neck of the shirt, under the arms and also over all of these areas.

There are some quality factors to consider you should be aware of when printing over seams and also sides; however, keep in mind, cotton enables the versatility needed for an excellent display print style.

Here is the recommended printing of shirts for corporates in Singapore that provide quality products for your company.

Consider Color

One means to avoid colors from not matching up in your layout is to use one shade. This creates a much more even look on your t-shirt. It can additionally ensure that your design may not appear looking misshapen or greatly modified.

If you want to utilize more than one shade, that will certainly work, yet it would certainly end up a little far better if the shades are blended, or perhaps even a little troubled.


The distressed appearance is preferred right now, as well as this, in fact, works well with ubiquitous display printing. To stay clear of troubles, you may want to keep it to a minimum of 3 or 4 shades, but remember – 6 colors is optimum.

Check Out Design

Is it limited, complicated, or have a lot of straight lines? These components might not work along with a layout that streams a little looser as well as isn’t too restricted. It is feasible that these layouts can make inconsistencies noticeable.

With a layout that requires sharp lines, take care to keep an eye out for “skips” or “off enrollment”. As an example, if you’re creating a shirt for your service, you could do your logo on the front and also rear of the t-shirt, with some looser designs around the neck as well as shoulders.

If you still intend to make use of some inflexible lines, see to it they aren’t going to be on those seams that may blur the lines or make the photo appearance uneven.

Think About the Size

Get with your screen printer to go over the dimensions of tee shirts you will require to buy as well as how the design can be modified to look wonderful on numerous dimensions of screen-printed tee shirts.

Be Flexible

If you are stuck on a particular layout as well as your display printer states, it simply won’t function, want to attempt something various. It may not be precisely what you wanted. However, it can be a better-finished product in the long run and still appear looking great. All-over display printing is different from routine screen printing, so there are a lot of different points to think about.

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It would help if you got a mock-up of what your t-shirt will look like before it’s made. Ensure the shirts will undoubtedly look specifically as you want them to, and also make sure to inquire about any variances that might emerge.

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