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15 Ways to Explore in Knoxville Tennessee on a Budget You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


Going on vacation can be expensive; especially for people on a tight budget. However, Knoxville Tennessee has a large number of places you can explore. The best thing is that you might not be able to get this anywhere else. Therefore, we have put together 15 ways to explore Knoxville on a budget.

1. Visit downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville has a market square which is a fun and lively place to visit at any time of the year. You do not need to pay any money to access the market square. It has various shops and restaurants where you can shop and eat whatever you want.

Besides, there is the Market Square Farmer’s Market which is an attractive spot for those that want to contribute to the growth of the local economy. This square holds various concerts and events all year round.

2. Bask in nature

Ijams Nature Centre

If you are a lover of nature, then the best place to go is the Ijams Nature Centre. The green environment and the fresh air will have a calming effect on the tourist. This tourist attraction also offers music festivals, hiking, kayaking and more fun activities.

3. Visit the World Fair site

Want to travel through time between 1982 and now; this is the best place to visit. The world fair’s park which is home to the Sunsphere; a gold-inlaid tower that shines over the beacon of Knoxville is a fun place to be.

Its feature ranging from Sunsphere to beautiful landscaping to festival and water-play area is a great place to view and take pictures of the surrounding town.

4. Enjoy the scenic view at ‘Top of the house mountain’.

Climbing 2100 submit top of the house mountain is a great way to enjoy the scenic and beautiful view of the city. Even though the trail to the top is not high, climbers need to be careful of some steep spots.

5. Visit the women’s basketball hall of fame

Another affordable place to visit in Knoxville, Tennessee is the women’s basketball hall of fame. This facility displays the skills and expertise of inspiring women in the world of basketball. So if you enjoy sport, especially basketball, this is a good and affordable place to visit.

6. Spend time in the old city

The Old City is an affordable place to tour in Knoxville; it is a perfect blend of architecture and art. The city is home to creativity.

It is a home of graphics design, art galleries, shops and trendy restaurants during the day, while it is a centre of clubs, live music concerts and various festivals at night.

7. Explore James White’s fort

James White’s Fort is a blend of history and the outdoors. The land was discovered by James White, thus the name James White’s Fort.

It is a historical museum with natural ground beauty embedded in it. The touring price is this spot is reasonable and affordable.

8. Explore the historic landmarks

Blount Mansion is the town’s only national historical landmark. The tour in and around this mansion is interesting and affordable at any time of the year.

9. Explore the beautiful Knoxville botanical garden

Explore the beautiful Knoxville botanical garden

The beautiful Knoxville botanical garden is home to tulip flowers and other types of flowers and plants. The blooming garden of seasonal displays of different species of plants is one of the most calming tourist attractions in Knoxville. And it is free.

10. Visit Knoxville’s visitor centre

This centre is another great place for tourists in Knoxville. The centre is a for discovering a-list entertainment, tour ideas and deep history of the city.

Besides, you can get cheap locally made gift items from this centre- thereby giving you the opportunity of giving your loved ones a piece of Knoxville.

11. Visit the historic Cherokee caverns

With a cheap and affordable price, the historic Cherokee cavern is a great place to be at any time of the day. Events such as movies in the cave, Christmas funfair and other festivities make this place fun and lively.

12. Take a stroll through the old gray cemetery.

Although this may sound eerie, taking a stroll through the old gray cemetery is a great way of enjoying a free, beautiful and unconventional adventure.

13. Explore Knoxville’s urban wilderness

Explore Knoxville’s urban wilderness

The Knoxville urban wilderness has over 500 acres of wildlife. It is free and open to all. There are over 50 miles of trails for hiking; this makes you feel like you a several miles away from the city.

14. Take a stroll down the graffiti alley

There is this calmness attached to being among different colours; this is how you feel as you walk down the graffiti alley. Besides, you can take pictures in front of the everchanging colorful murals. Visiting the graffiti alley is free.

15. Chill at Peter Kern Library

Although formerly used as a library, peter kern library is a great chilling spot. The atmosphere of this spot is refreshing. Even though it is no longer a library yet, you can find relics from the old times.

Final thoughts

A tight budget should not hinder you from enjoying yourself. Knoxville, Tennessee has a lot of budget-friendly spots you cannot find anywhere else.

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