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10 Ways to Earn Money From Your Website

Earn Money From Your Website

The Internet has become one of the newest ways to make money. As long as you have the PC or mobile device, you are even able to start making a profit out of the websites and blogs you create. How exactly can you make money from your website? There are more specific ways to earn money from your website, and Good Tips For You has got them!

10 Ways to Earn Money From Your Website

PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Basically, you are given a code by any reputable advertising website. This code shows certain ads, and when clicked by different viewers, you get to earn money! Here are some popular websites that offer this type of advertising:

CPM Advertising

This stands for Cost Per Mile, meaning the number of views and ad or blog gets (per 1,000 views). Depending on the popularity of your website and the company you work with, you can go from $0.10 to $10 per CPM or per 1,000 views. Here are some websites that offer CPM advertising:

Direct Banner Advertising

If the other two types of advertising won’t work for you, you can also choose to sell a bit of your website’s space for advertising purposes. You get to make your own rates, though it may be a bit difficult finding advertisers, depending on the popularity of your website. Here are some links to get you started:

Text Link Ads

Basically, this is another form of ad that does not need a banner or space on your website, but mainly as a text! Here are some websites that offer text link advertising:

Affiliate Marketing

This means working with a merchant that will sell their products or services through your website. This may mean advertising them through banners, or doing product reviews to entice bloggers. You are paid with commission from items sold through your website.

Monetization Widgets

These widgets are related to some advertising methods mentioned above, but is easier to add to your website as it simply uses widgets. WidgetBucks ( is one of the popular websites that offer monetization widgets.

Sponsored Reviews

With sponsored reviews, you will be paid to write about certain products or topics to advertise the company you work for. While some prefer not to do this for credibility, those who do are making quite a lot. You can start by working with any of these websites:

RSS Feed Ads

This is basically either PPC and CPM, but you post these advertisements using your RSS Feed. It’s becoming quite popular, and you can use these websites for it:

Pop-Ups and Unders

Though they may be a bit irritating, this is another form of advertising that can give website owners good money! You can check these websites that offer such codes:

Private Forums

If your website has become popular, you will have a community who may want to start talking with each other through forums and whatnot. Now, you can create private forums where your audience will pay for such premium or exclusive content. You can use websites such as:

So what are you waiting for? Check any of these good tips for you and use these ways to earn money from your website today!

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