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10 Ways on How to Increase Your Internet Speed

Increase Your Internet Speed

Technology is improving vastly, with the Internet being one of the best things that have happened for the generation today. With over millions of searches and people using the Internet a day, you can say that it is the best source for almost everything. It is through the Internet where you will be able to find sources of productivity and entertainment, as well as a platform for interaction. But the question is: With the Internet increasing in popularity, how will you be able to increase your Internet speed?

Why Increase Your Internet Speed?

You can use the Internet in various ways. From Wi-Fi routers to mobile data connections, the sources are limitless. Unfortunately, there may be times where you will suffer from a slow connection. As a result, you will end up annoyed and late with the trends or with work-related events.

Luckily, there are ways on how to increase your internet speed, and it doesn’t require expensive upgrades or plans from your network!

How To Increase Your Internet Speed?

Here are 10 easy ways on how to further increase your internet speed:

Test your router

Make sure that your router is working well and is updated to its latest system. If it is, then try another router and see the difference, as it may be your router that is causing your slow Internet speed.


Scan your router or Internet connection for viruses or updates. If there are, get rid of them immediately, and update your router to its latest system (respectively). You can download anti-virus software or check online for the latest updates for your router.

Check for Maintenance

Sometimes, your router’s system may have on-site maintenance from the manufacturers. If that’s the case, try giving them a call.

Check Filters

Check the filters of both your router and phone line to assure that neither is disrupting the signal of the other.

Cordless Phones

It has been said that cordless phones are what interfere with the signals of your Internet connection, thus making it slow. Try replacing it with another phone, or get rid of it and see the difference.


If you are using a laptop or PC, then it’s suggested to plug in the router rather than to use the Wi-Fi connection, as that may be what’s slowing your Internet speed down.

External Interference

Electromagnetic interference might be what’s causing your slow Internet connection. Check the surroundings of your modem. If you happen to have a gadget lying around there, get it out and place it somewhere else.

Cable TV

Your cable TV box may be the one interfering with your connection! If you are using an old TV box, it’s time to get rid of it and replace it with a new one or disconnect it permanently.

Cable Replacement

Your cables may be the ones that slow down your Internet. Purchase new ones and replace them with shorter cables.


That is probably the oldest trick in the book. Try switching your modem on and off, or to restart the whole system. Restarting it may be able to remove some problems that were in the modem.

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